Emma Thompson seeks sexual adventure in new film Good Luck To You Leo Grande

Written by on 20 April 2022

Emma Thompson seeks sexual adventure in new film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande

Emma Thompson yearns for new sexual adventure in the trailer for her upcoming film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande.

The award-winning actress stars opposite Daryl McCormack, who has featured in Peaky Blinders and The Wheel of Time, in the heart-warming story of empowerment and self-discovery.

The film follows Nancy Stokes, a retired schoolteacher and widow who is looking for human connection, and to experience good sex.

“For 31 years my husband would climb on top, do the business, roll off, put his pyjamas on and go back to sleep,” she says.

Thompson enlists the help of young sex-worker Leo Grande (McCormack) who she meets in an anonymous hotel room.

As well as going through her sexual wish-list, the pair engage in conversation, with the power dynamics shifting over the course of their three rendezvous.

“I’ve never done anything interesting or remarkable in my entire life. This is it,” Thompson’s character says.

“You’re the only adventure I’ve ever had.”

The uplifting comedy, which challenges expectations, was written by comedian Katy Brand and directed by Sophie Hyde.

It is due to hit UK cinemas on June 17.

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