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BEE There!

MartBee bought his first pair of Technics 1210s at age 16 and started to collect records. A couple of years later his house music obsession was in full flow. Around 1997 MartBee was right onto the clubbing scene – he loved to go and listen to house music. The main difference was that he would regularly travel up to Leeds & Manchester to clubs like Back2Basics, HardTimes, Hacienda & Sound Factory …. just for the night out! The presence of a deep base and bounce beat and the colour and character of these clubs provided the inspiration for his record collection.

DJing followed with regular spins in clubs and private parties.

Lockdown was a positive experience as MartBee reignited his Techno sound – his unique BeeProgress radio show & style – that moves you.

Naturally, MartBee gravitates towards Harder House & Trance / Techno but loves all genres of Music.

One of his other well publicised obsessions is Bee keeping – hence the name , the show, the tattoos and of course the Honey!


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