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Fredrik Bergström is a teacher, musician of thirty years, radiopresenter, voiceover artist and whatever creative business he can get his nose into, residing in Uppsala in Sweden.
I first learned my first drum fill to Brian Adams’s “Can’t stop this thing we started” and since then I have been traveling up, down and across Sweden playing shows with different bands and playing different instruments.
Music is my number one love and geeking out over different genres, who produced, recorded on what gear and why is a total obsession of mine.
I fell in love with the radio media when I was a teenager. Every morning I woke up to the morning show on swedish national radio and realized that it was something I wanted to do with my life.
I never reached the level of Swedish national radio but I have been having so much fun making student radio in my hometown, making podcasts for myself and interviewing among others Chilli from TLC as an article for swedish online music magazine Hymn.
I can’t keep away from being creative. My head never turns off telling new stories, finding new ways to show off stuff that I really like and I always want to encourage other people to find interesting as well.
Just Like Jarvis is my tribute to alternative music from all decades but especially the 90s. I love geeking out over the stories, why the alternative and indie sound the way they do and what other types of music can rise from underneath the surface. The kind you don’t get to hear on the radio.
But also I want to explore what’s not out yet. The unsigned bands. To see what new and exciting things they have cooking for unaware listeners.
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