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Lars Delfstein has been dancing to and playing out house music since the 1990’s. He’s played in many venues, parties and occasions across huge geographical expanses across the world, including in Sweden, Australia, USA and in the U.K from Essex to London, including the world renowned Ministry of Sound.

Lars is an advocate for house music, playing vocal, funky, melodic and general house. When not playing, Lars can be found listening and dancing to cool music in support of friends and DJs. Whether they be out of the same ‘London Sound Academy’ stables, friends in the trade or idols, Lars gives them love.

Another of Lars’ passions is travel, and he enjoys the cultures, languages, foods and, of course, the music. Visiting bars, restaurants and clubs in different countries gives a true feeling of the people that live there and is a true inspiration for Lars and his next set.


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