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My Story
Christmas Eve 1998 at the tender age of 16, I discovered Newcastle nightlife and upon visiting a bar called Luckies in town, as a bet, I was dared to go up to the resident DJ and ask if I could have a go.
Expecting to be told to clear off, I was shocked to be invited to come in for an hour or two every Saturday night to learn my craft, which is what I did. Ever since then, and with a love of music,
I was hooked on music and entertaining.

Having spent my youth working in pubs and clubs in Newcastle (who remembers Tux II, Maddisons nightclub, Tuxedo Princess, Tuxedo Royale to name but a few), I
worked till late, entertaining the masses. I eventually left in the early 90’s to work abroad as a game show presenter, Disc Jockey and some very cringe-worthy stage show appearances on a camp site in the
South of France, later moving to Corfu for summer seasons.

I eventually returned to my home town of Newcastle where I continued with my love of music, where I still gig to this day. I have a varied taste in music and absolutely love Europop, Hi-NRG (oh the 80’s),
and any good time music. Basically, if you can sing a long to it and it makes you feel good, I’m in.

I also work as a host and compere for Power Leisure covering hotels in the North East of England. During the day, i’m an Senior IT analyst which couldn’t be more different from my hobby and passion for music.

I hope you’ll join me every Sunday, and I can’t wait to hear from you.


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