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As an ambitious, talented and rising DJ, Natalia Red is making an impression on the music scene and playing unforgettable DJ sets that will want you to hear more. She brings a unique eclectic and wordly vibe t  o her sets that are deeply rooted in her background and life experiences.

Natalia’s passion for music started early. Growing up she was surrounded by strong musical influences. She watched her father perform as a lead singer in a band and her Brother spinning vinyls on the Spanish Club Scene. Inspired by the power of Music She trained for years to become a dancer and finally found her calling as She started to develop as a DJ.

Natalia’s sophisticated, elegant and classy sound raging from House to Deep House, Melodic and Afro House, with a backdrop of Rock, Motown and Disco, has inspired and entertained many more.

Over the last couple of years, Natalia has had the pleasure and experience of performing alongside music legends and in iconic venues such as the EGG London, Ministry Of Sound, Mc Queens, Gigi’s, Jin Bow Law, Zela, and Brixton Bar In London and internationally at beach clubs at Balearic Venues such as Bosco Beach, Bora Bora and Sol House in Ibiza. Applying a ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ attertude to her craft has led Natalia to successfully hold a recency with the 4AM events.

With Natalia’s winning formula as an artist, She is leading the charge with mind blowing and memorable performances. From the US to Europe, festivals to Clubs. House to Afro – The future is set to be an exciting journey for Natalia. Watch Her Story.

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